Whispering Canyon Cafe – The Best Disney Restaurant You’ve Never Heard Of

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to visit Disney World during the Christmas holiday.  This has been a bucket list item for us for quite some time – we had intentions to stay at the Wilderness Lodge since it’s known for its Christmas decorations.  However, rooms were unavailable at the time of our booking so we conceded to a reservation at Whispering Canyon Café so we’d still be able to visit and explore the resort.


Atmosphere: A

Service: B (this will obviously fluctuate based on server and how busy they are)

Food: B

Overall, we THOROUGHLY enjoyed Whispering Canyon Café.  Our reservation was for 10:15am, as we had stayed out late the night before so we wanted to have a lazy morning.  Even though it was later in the morning, there was no shortage of restaurant-goers.  We arrived early, around 9:45am and were not actually seated until almost 10:45am.  Although this was a minor setback (if we hadn’t purposefully made zero plans for the morning, being seated late would have seriously stressed us out), our server was attentive despite how incredibly busy they were.  Plus, this gave us time to explore the resort and take in all of the Christmas decorations.

Once seated, we were offered adult menus but, according to our server, there was a shortage of kids menus so we (being the tech savvy people we are!) used the My Disney Experience app to look up the kids menu.  All three adults ordered the All-You-Care-To-Eat breakfast skillet, and the two kiddos got waffles.  The skillet offers unlimited refills on whatever you like, and once the skillet actually arrives, you serve yourself family-style.  On the skillet itself, there were potatoes (which, according to my sister, needed ketchup – but we’ll get to that later), biscuits and gravy, sausage links, bacon, and scrambled eggs.  I enjoyed everything except for the potatoes and scrambled eggs – I’m not sure what it is about Disney’s eggs, but they always taste watery and undercooked to me.  Everything else was delicious however!

Now, to the shenanigans.

If you wish to remain un-spoiled, and experience the entertainment first-hand without expectations, stop reading now!  Full disclosure; it may spoil some of the magic because you know what they typically do.  However, if you’d rather be prepared, or are just plain curious as to the mischievous goings-on at this restaurant, please continue.  Ready?  Here we go!

Whispering Canyon Café is known for its hijinks while you dine.  During our meal, the hot ticket item was the ketchup.  We learned quickly that they do not distribute ketchup evenly between tables, instead they give anywhere between 8-12 bottles of the stuff to an individual table.  If another table requests ketchup, the server will yell “KETCHUP!  WHO’S GOT THE KETCHUP?!” across the whole restaurant.  Then, someone from your party must take all of those ketchup bottles to the next table, and so on and so forth.  We are a pretty shy group, so even though the potatoes could have used some ketchup, we opted not to ask for fear of embarrassment.  We chose to laugh at others’ embarrassment instead

Now, don’t think you can get away with taking another tables ketchup bottle without asking your server first.  While we were there, a lady about 2 tables down tried to swindle her way into acquiring ketchup and once her server discovered it on the table, he promptly yelled for the Sheriff, who then put her in “jail.”

So, you must either ask properly or go without, lest you find yourself behind bars at your own dining table!  (As a reminder, this is all in good fun and everybody had a good laugh – the Sheriff eventually “released” her on good behavior).

Now, what happens if there’s NO ketchup to be found?  Well, they have a solution for that as well!  When you have no ketchup, you must BECOME the ketchup.

While we were there, they also orchestrated horse races for all the kids (and some adults!) and were given wooden “horses” to run circles around the restaurant.  We also sang “If You’re Happy and You Know it” and the whole restaurant participated.

Overall, Whispering Canyon Café is a wacky and wild good time.  The food is excellent and the entertainment is even better!  Keep an open mind, keep your elbows off the table, and don’t be afraid to ask for ketchup.  Do these things and you’ll find yourself laughing through your entire meal!

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