Money-Saver Tip: Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

We’ve already covered the ins-and-outs of renting Disney Vacation Club points in a previous post but I wanted to take the time to really highlight the pros (there are some majorly frugal pros!) and the cons of renting Disney Vacation Club points.

First of all, I want to make a shout-out to for always making our DVC rental process easy and stress-free.  We’ve used for the last half-a-dozen trips we’ve made in the last couple years, and have not had one hiccup or issue with our reservations.  I have to give the disclaimer that obviously your results may very, as I can only speak for my personal experiences, but so far we have been pleasantly surprised with how easy and stress free our experiences have been.

As with most people, the idea of renting DVC points initially made me nervous.  What if they screw up your reservations?  What if they get your name wrong??  We just drove 10 hours, what if we can’t get into ourroom?!  All these fears were quelled as we took a leap of faith and decided to try it out in 2016 when we rented DVC points to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Since then, we have chosen this option on multiple trips, giving us the opportunity to stay at AKL and various other deluxe resorts for the fraction of the price you would pay if you booked directly through Disney.

With any good thing, there’s always a down-side to consider.  What I’ve tried to do with this post is to break down the pros and cons of renting DVC points, that way you can determine whether or not it’s a good option for your next family vacation.

Here we go!

Pros of Renting DVC Points through


This is far and wide our biggest motivation when renting DVC points.  You will save anywhere between 30-50% on a deluxe room by renting DVC points.  Here is one example of the amount of money you can save by renting DVC points versus booking directly through Disney.  According to the Disney World website, you will pay an average of anywhere between $367 dollars up to $618/night to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge during peak time (I used the dates June 10th -16th when I did my search) *Note- I use this resort as an example, as it is typically the cheapest of the deluxe resorts due to how isolated it is from all the other parks.  When I chose the same dates through, the same type of room and for the same dates, I would pay anywhere between $200-$250/night.  That is an incredible savings!  The numbers speak for themselves!  So when you’re deciding on the right resort for you, take the time to compare prices.  You may save more, or you may save a little less, depending on the resort and the time of your stay.

  • The perks to staying Deluxe

If you decide to take the plunge and rent DVC Points, obviously one of the biggest perks to doing so is the simple fact that you’re staying in a deluxe resort.  More often than not, the food options will be better, the rooms will be larger, and some of the deluxe resorts have quick access to the Disney Parks (I’m looking at you, Boardwalk Inn!).  Here’s our review of the Boardwalk Inn, for those that are curious.  It is far and away my favorite resort that we’ve stayed at so far and will give you a good idea of how important location can be.  Also, three of the deluxe resorts are on the monorail (Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Contemporary), so if you have your heart set on staying at a monorail resort, renting DVC points can save you a LOT of money.  Just be aware that it’s purely based on availability, so it’s best to book as soon as possible to increase your chances to get the resort you want.

  • All the bang for less of the buck

If you’re going to Disney to celebrate something extra special, like an anniversary or a honey moon, and want to make sure the trip is extra magical without having to sell your first born child, then you should give serious consideration to renting DVC points.  I know I’ve harped on the savings earlier in this post, but it really is that big of a deal.  Especially if you’re going for a special occasion and want to stay somewhere nice, but can’t afford the crazy prices of – say, the Grand Floridian, then renting DVC points may give you the opportunity to stay in a deluxe resort when it otherwise would not have been an option.

  • Paying Upfront

This could be considered both a pro and a con.  On the “pro” side, by paying upfront, your hotel reservations are one less thing you have to stress about leading up to your vacation. Not everyone can do this obviously, so it depends on your financial situation and how you budget as a family.  Some people like the idea of paying for the resort all in one go, others may need more time to make payments towards the hotel stay, so it depends on the individual family.


Cons of Renting DVC Points

  • No guarantee you’ll get the resort you want

Because rentals are purely based on availability, requires you to pick your top 3 resort choices.  After you submit your request, they will contact the DVC Member Services and let you know which resorts are available during the dates you requested.  When we booked our most recent stay in December, we requested The Wilderness Lodge, the Polynesian, and the Boardwalk Inn.  Unfortunately, all but the Boardwalk were already booked.  When we initially booked it, we had literally NO clue how amazing it would be!  So while we didn’t get the resort we initially wanted (who doesn’t want to stay at the Wilderness Lodge during Christmas?!), there was a massive silver lining because we were able to stay at a fantastic resort that, to be honest, we hadn’t given much thought to before.  And now it’s our favorite resort!

  • Paying Upfront

I know I mentioned this earlier, but having to pay for your resort stay all in one go can put a major financial strain on a family.  Disney has a lot of options for families who may need to make payments towards their stay, or pay for their resort stay through Disney gift cards (you can get gift cards from Sam’s Club at a discount, did you know that?).  This is not an option when renting DVC points, so if you need to make payments or pay with gift cards, this may not be a good choice for your family.

  • No Daily Cleaning Service

Since the properties you rent are DVC rental properties, daily cleaning services are not offered to guests.  However, if you need extra towels or a change of linens, all it takes is a quick call down to the front desk and they will take care of you.  Now that I think about it, this could also be considered both a pro and a con – if you’re like me and hate the stress of being disturbed by cleaning staff in the middle of the day (we like naps, alright?  No judging!), I am TOTALLY okay with not having the service.  I am very self-sufficient, and some rooms (like the suites) even have washers and dryers so a cleaning service is mostly unnecessary.  But if you like to have fresh towels, you may be a little disappointed with the lack of daily cleaning services.


Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons for our family.   If saving money and getting the most bang for your buck is top priority for your vacation, then head over to and start planning your next magical adventure today!

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