When Perfect Plans Don’t Turn Out The Way You Want

Yep, another Fastness+ post.  Sunday October 15th was officially 60 days until my December trip and it was, you guessed it, time to make my Fastpass+ reservations.  I woke up early (6:45) and got breakfast going so I could get my brain in some sort of working order before logging into My Disney Experience at exactly 6:58 and continuously refreshing until my dates showed up.

Priority #1 was Flight of Passage.  I was already at a bit of a disadvantage as our Animal Kingdom day was towards the beginning of our trip (this is exactly what I have warned against in previous posts), but it couldn’t be avoided as when we were planning this trip (months and months ago), I didn’t anticipate the absolute insanity it would be trying to get one of those Fastpasses.  In times past, the hot ticket attraction Fastpasses were still possible.   I might not have gotten the exact times that I wanted, but the actual fastpasses have always been available to me.  Flight of Passage, though, has been a different beast.  I wasn’t able to get one for our June trip, granted that was less than two weeks after Pandora had officially opened, or for our September trip.  Well, initially, in the craziness that was replanning following Hurricane Irma, I did manage to snag one, but no one was more shocked than me.

Anywho, at exactly 7:00, there were….no Flight of Passage times left for our Animal Kingdom day.  I frantically searched and found one two days later (a Magic Kingdom day, but I was willing to rework things if needed) and I spent the next 20 minutes or so getting all the other fast passes that we had wanted without difficulty.  While re-working the Animal Kingdom day (I had decided to keep the original designated day), I thought I may as well get a Nav’i River Journey since the kids liked it so much.  Lo and behold, a Flight of Passage time appeared!  Not for the morning like we had wanted, but for later that evening.  I grabbed that thing faster than you can say Bob’s your uncle!

Still, 60 days out and our plans are not set in stone.  Our Magic Kingdom (non-party day) we aren’t sure if we’ll want to get up and out of bed bright and early, since we plan on being out late the night before, so I have breakfast and lunch reservations at the same restaurant (Whispering Canyon Cafe, really just an excuse to see the pretty Christmas decorations at Wilderness Lodge).  We plan on an adult-only night and dropping the kids off at a Kid Center and we still aren’t sure where we’ll spend that evening.  And I’m still on the search for a last-minute Ohana dinner reservation that my husband decided he wanted well after the 180 day mark.

So, now it’s time to…wait.  This 60 day stretch is the hardest part of planning a Disney vacation.  I’m thinking…shirts.  And Mickey ears.  I definitely need some custom Christmas Mickey ears.

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  • Melissa October 18, 2017 at 8:09 am

    This is the part of the trip planning I always let my daughter plan! She is better at it than I am, thank goodness! Lol! Hmmm, custom Christmas Ears, I may can hook you up on that! ? ?

    • Adrianne Owen October 18, 2017 at 9:03 am

      I went to your shop and saw you’d just had surgery! How are you doing? I didn’t want to overload you with an order if you weren’t feeling well!

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