The Best and Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2018

Time and experience have made making this yearly crowd calendar a bit easier each year.  I’ve compiled information based on Walt Disney World events, marathons, holidays and many of the major school district calendars from around the country to put together estimated crowd levels for the entirety of 2018.

I will note, I have, for the most part, marked each weekend as “yellow” or medium crowd levels because you will see an influx of locals during the weekend most of the time.  I’ve noticed over the years there are fewer and fewer “green” or low crowd level times of the year as Disney introduces more events, discounts and other enticements to fill their resorts and parks.  You can expect an influx of crowds in Animal Kingdom in particular, as Pandora: The World of Avatar will have just opened in 2017.  I expect, if Disney stays on track with the summer 2018 opening of Toy Story Land, that crowds will surge even more in the summer months.

Red = high crowd levels expected

Yellow = moderate crowd levels expected

Green = lower crowd levels expected

Downloadable PDF version  2018 WDW Crowd Calendar

A good rule of thumb, if your kids are out of school, most other children in the country are as well and you can expect high crowds, especially look out for Spring break and Winter break. Christmas and New Year’s have the highest crowd levels of the entire year.  However, it is not impossible to visit and have a great time during a “red” period, just make sure you are planning accordingly.  Check out my post about navigating busy times to give you some tips on making the most of your Disney Vacation during particularly busy times.

Also, be sure to look at the pros and cons of each month in Walt Disney World

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