How to Trade with the Jawas in Star Wars Launch Bay

Unscripted character moments in Disney World are some of my favorite things.  Recently, we visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios and my daughter had the opportunity to “trade” with the Jawas located in Star Wars Launch Bay.

If you aren’t a giant Star Wars nerd like myself, the Jawas are a pygmy rodent-like race inhabiting the desert planet of Tatooine. They are hardworking people who work as scavengers and tinkers, picking up discarded or broken machinery and fixing it up for sale.  In the Launch Bay, they are located between the Chewbacca/Kylo Ren meet and greet and the Cargo Bay.  They free wander, and do not have an official Photopass Photographer.  They are just the neatest little guys, who may come up and take a look at your bracelet, sunglasses or start poking around some of the exhibits.

I knew that you could offer the Jawas something to “trade”, but I’d never really given it much thought, however on a recent trip a fellow guest offered my daughter some gemstones and asked her if she wanted to try it out for herself.

 Melanie offered the Jawa her gemstones. The Jawas discussed with each other whether her offering was worthy. It was!  In exchange, she was given a small toy.  She was delighted to have done this!

Be sure to be ready with your own camera, as there is very little about this that appears planned or scripted, but it’s such a fun experience!


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